Door supervisor

Door supervisor

has in recent years become the more acceptable term for anyone who performs the jobs that was previously more commonly known as a bouncer. A door supervisor will often be found ensuring the security and safety of the public within public areas such retail stores, shopping centers, construction sites, hospitality such as hotels, airports and entertainment venues throughout the UK such as bars, nightclubs, gentleman’s clubs and larger venues such as concerts, gigs, and festivals, private functions such as weddings, funerals and the list can go on.

Not only are they responsible for the safety of the public but often it is also their job to make sure that all people entering the venue are old enough to be there. The checking of id is a common practice on the doors of bars and nightclubs as more youths attempt to sneak into these venues underage!

Over the years our door supervisor companies have been supplying appropriate door staff to Night clubs, Restaurants, Pubs, Private Parties and all other Venues with experienced door men who are friendly and able to communicate with your clients without appearing too threatening or intimidating.

Whether you are looking for one or many Door Supervisors for a one-off or on, an ongoing basis we have the right door staff to fit in any setting.

Although all our door supervisors are smartly dressed in Black suits and GTS company logo tie, but Prior to the commencement of any contract we discuss the uniform ‘style’ with the client to ensure the correct image is projected when patrolling their premises. This may include any specific requirements the client may have, for example your company uniform or a standard SIA procedure a suit or maybe combats with cap or a ‘formal’ image of suit style blazer and trousers. All our door supervisors being SIA licensed, they have also undergone additional vigorous training in the field of access control and screening those who enter the venue which has equipped them with the art of positively ensuring proper checks for your customers/clients who can enter the establishment. They all have standard PPE, for example, Bodycam and radios but will adapt to client requirement for example the use of ballistic vest.

All our operative will have on site induction, training and monitoring on weekly basis, they therefore have the capacity to monitor inside and outside of the venue to ensure that every customers/clients and staff are kept safe, also venues are kept safe. This ensures everyone has a safe and enjoyable time.

A free initial consultation and assessment is available to all prospective clients.